Black Pearl Villa

" Black Pearl Villa is located in Wataraka only about 30 - 45 minutes journey from colombo. This is located in a very peaceful and quite area, excellent for a weekend getaway with friends and family, to host a birthday party, for an annual get together and even to host a very beautiful wedding. The Villa is located in a 2.5 acre land plot and the villa itself is a gorgeous 2 story bungalow, with 8 Rooms A/C and Non A/C with attach bathrooms and fully furnished kitchen and dinning room with a experienced cook and Care Taker. Large bare land plot for playing any kind of sport, this villa has a lot vegetation around the property such as mangos, mangoes, rabuttan, Jack Fruit, Brinjal, manyokka (cassava), avacado, etc, and this land has a beautiful well which overflows with water anytime of the year.

At Black Pearl Villa our customers have the freedom to either cook themselves, get the necessary ingredients and get what they want to eat cooked by our inhouse cook or get a scrumptious village style breakfast, lunch or dinner served to them by an experienced cook, with ingredients from the estate itself and the customers can also join our staff in collecting these ingredients from the estate.

If you are planning to have a function at the estate like a party or a wedding for that we have a wide range of menus for you to choose from as well as a wide range of different types of chairs, chair covers, table clothes, table decorations and also Poruwa and Setti Back. "

Contact Info

No. 41/3/J, Younmawatha
Black Pearl Estate.
Wataraka, Meegoda.

Telephone: +94 75 971 0971
Fax: +94 11 283 6623